Lord of the Rings

History of Lord of the Rings


The concept of Lord of the Rings came after Peter Jackson finished “The Frighteners” but the only thing on his way was the next coming movie “King Kong”. When Universal Studios canceled the King Kong movie production in 1997, Peter Jackson immediately received support from Weinstein Studio and began a six-week process of sorting out the rights for the movie. Once the rights were taken care of, the saga began! Peter Jackson and his crew agreed upon two films and a total budget of $75 million. As time showed the project was large and extremely expensive, it took $100 million for each of the movies to produce. It took 13–14 months to write the two film scripts, for the Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, which were the first two blockbusters of the trilogy.

After six years of filming the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, was released using about $98 million dollars of budget. Peter Jackson began working with Christian Rivers to storyboard the series in 1997 and added Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop to begin creating his interpretation of Middle-earth. Jackson told them to make Middle-earth as plausible and believable as possible, to think of Middle-earth in a historical way. In November, Alan Lee and John Howe became the film trilogy’s primary concept designers, having had previous experience as illustrators for the book and various other tie-ins. Lee worked for the Art Department creating places such as Rivendell. In 1999, Ngila Dickson joined the crew as costume designer. She and her 40 person crew would create 19,000 costumes, 40 per version for the actor and their doubles, aging and wearing them out for the impression of age. In 2000, the first Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, was released and immediately was an instant success, on the first earning 102 awards and 99 nominations. Due to these successes, of course, the Lord of the Rings series was going to continue. Peter Jackson was gaining fame from his fantasy movie and he wanted to stick to the plan that each of three movies is going to be released each year. That was one of his big goals for this movie series.

So they started working on the second movie using lots of clips from the first movie but also recording beautiful landscapes and action scenes in New Zealand. There were some small problems on the way but successfully with his huge crew didn’t have any problems to solve them. Another $100 million and next year another movie was in cinemas. As we can all imagine people were so excited for this movie that tickets were sold the first day. After premiere movie was earning 100 awards and only positive comments. Peter Jackson is getting even more popular and earning lots of money for two of his movies. Lord of the Rings crew is ready to finish the last movie and amaze the world.

Another 10 months and Peter Jackson is releasing the last movie to the world. The premiere is going to show if movie series was a success. Peter Jackson finishes his series after 10 years of filming with a profit of $1.5 billion dollars for all three movies with a budget of $300 million for the three movies. Which brings the Lord of the Rings movies on top of world rankings.


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