I felt the hit of my heart, a moment and again my heart pops out of my chest. I realized that I’m too afraid to realize what’s happening. My feet started wiggling. I tried to open my eyes but something is stopping me, I started creating dramatic scenarios in my head. I tried to think what would happen if I decide to… ooo and again I feel my heart going faster and faster it was speeding up like a formula. I was repeating in my head “Just do it” but I couldn’t. My legs were just declining everything I told them to do. I felt like I completely lost control over my body. I was concentrated on my thoughts but I could still hear my friends counting down. They were getting closer to the zero. Now I hear 3, 2, 1 and like I would completely forget about last ten seconds of my thoughts I took a step forward and a strong breath and closed my eyes. This 8m felt like a minute of freefall. I kept my eyes closed waiting for a moment when my feet hit the water. Now I was deep under the water. All wet just fighting for my life. With my eyes losed I tried to get higher and higher when I could finally get some air. I took a breath and shouted, “Can I go again”. It was a great feeling to defeat your fears. As once Ralph Waldo said, “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows”.

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