Geography of Sweden

 Sweden is a country in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden has a land mass totalling around 450,000 sq km, It’s also the fifth largest country in Europe. Sharing land borders with Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast, the country also has 3,200km of coastline. With a population of just over 9 million.(4) During the last Ice Age, much of Sweden was covered by a thick layer of ice. When that ice finally melted it left a coastline with many islands, and innumerable lakes, rivers and streams spread across the entire country.

 In comparison with other European countries with access to the sea, Sweden has a great position with the tactical advantage in navy as well as an economic benefit over other European countries in terms of trade by water. Sweden has access to cold waters of the Baltic Sea which provide a lot of trading opportunities with other European countries like Germany, Poland, Russia, Estonia and Latvia as well as many more countries further away.(2) This gives Sweden a great position in Europe to distribute resources around those countries. With access those natural resources like timber, zinc, silver and uranium they are good partners to trade with.(1)

 Sweden also has a great sports opportunities. The highest point is 2,100 meters above the sea level and it’s called Kebnekaise.(5) At this elevation in winter, it will get cold enough to snowboard. And as we know from topographical maps there are other good places for those winter sports. The temperature in south Sweden can go as low as -20*C in winter and -35*C in the north part of the country. But it also has beautiful coast with coral reef and beaches and temperature of average 25*C in the summer. Which are great for sports like beach volleyball or it’s even great for swimming in the Baltic Sea. Sweden has hosted winter games few times as well as summer sports. I feel that this is an amazing geographical feature for any country to be able to enjoy summer as well as winter.

 Another fine geographic feature of Sweden is its climate and position far from any political or military danger. Sweden is far north getting into the arctic circle. Far from any potential military danger, it’s only neighbors are Norway and Finland which, in this case, are not dangerous for Sweden.(3) None of the bigger countries would need to fight for the position of Sweden as it’s far from land and it only advantage its sea. Sweden has the strong navy which will protect them from any attacks from the coast. This position on our planet will provide Sweden a place to exist for next decades.


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