Costa Rica Adventure

I have just finished two months of adventure in Costa Rica. It all started when we arrived at UGA in Monteverde. After a week on this campus, we have begun the trip. First, think I can remember a 1590m long zip-line going over amazing cloud forest. So us you can see we started the trip with some good adrenaline. So after some fun, we arrived in El Zota a research station that we opportunity to learn about monkeys and other mammals. We had few walks around the forest, and we saw some cool monkeys, frogs and other animals that I have never even heard about before. Next think I can remember is a long bus ride and the small village called Orosi. We stayed with local families for a week, and it was a great opportunity for us to practice Spanish and learn about the culture. While we were in Orosi, we have also visited an organic coffee farm and hiked a lot. After this great week, we started our three days rafting trip. We had a great time there. We were in three boats and rafting for two days. On the third day, we swam in few waterfalls. Next came 12h bus ride to the other border of Costa Rica and we stayed in Punta Mona. This was a small organic farm. We became vegetarian for a week. We learned about different plants and ways of gardening. We were also introduced to hydroponics. This week made us reflect on the way we live. From this place, we needed to take a boat to get back to the city and unfortunately there was a storm on the way back.  Next, we had the opportunity to visit Campanario. Research station on the coast, it took us one hour on the boat to get there. When we woke up next morning, we were all excited we knew we are going to go dolphin watching. We spent four hours looking for dolphins, and it was unbelievable. I saw some fresh spotted dolphins and bottlenose. We did this for two days and the third day we woke up early and went snorkeling near a small island. We saw sharks and turtles the water was cold, but the sun was burning so it was just perfect. This was almost the last week of our trip. There was just one more thing to do. We stayed in the amazing hotel just on the beach and next morning I had my first lesson of surfing. It was so amazing I have never surfed before. After few waves I realized it’s similar to snowboarding and it all went easier. The next morning we had another long bus ride, but finally, we arrived in UGA. We had last week to finish some of our projects and then we went home. I can say that this trip was just fantastic.

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